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Systems theory in practice - an efficient way to increase quality and improve results

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Frida Utbildning AB: Small-Medium sized enterprise


An introduction to Systems theory and how to create an ecological system in school is included in all our courses as this is the theory all our work is based on. However, a separate course offering deeper knowledge about Systems theory is also offered separately as a five day school management and leadership course.

Target group: Coaching and training for regional and local school management, principals and head teachers as well as education coordinators, special needs pedagogues and all teachers interested in developing their skills in communication and organisation development.

The course combines theory and practice. Hands-on workshops will provide you with tools to change the things you want in your own school or organisation.

The training will give a systems theory approach to enhance

your management and coaching skills,
your teaching skills and your communication skills as an active listener

your ways to successfully implement your ideas and vision
your ways to convey important values to your organisation

The course includes an organized study visit in one of our Fridaskolorna schools, pre-schools, compulsory schools or upper secondary school, all according to the participant's specific interests in topics, teaching subjects and age groups.

Course dates:

  • 2019:

    • 25 February-1 March Special Edition Combination course COMPLETED
    • 13-18 October COMPLETED, 8-13 December (Special Christmas Edition) - CONFIRMED still places left


  • 2020:

    • 15-20 March FULLY BOOKED,19-24 April, 24-29 May (Spring in Sweden)
    • 11-16 October, 6-11 December (Special Christmas Edition)

Course fee: 420 euro for a 6 day course including tuition and course materials. This is covered entirely by the Erasmus+ KA1 course fee grant of 70 euro per day.

Organisational cost: 50 euro per participant including course administration, daily monitoring and support throughout the course, assessment and attendance certificate. This is covered entirely by the Erasmus+ KA1 organisational support of 350 euro per participant

We also provide a Comfort package that can be paid together with the course fee: including return airport transfer from Gothenburg airport, lunch Monday-Friday, coffee breaks as well as a local cultural excursion. 160 euro per participant -If you are more than one person from the same school- 200 euro if you are only one participant as the airport transfer is more expensive.

Participants will get help concerning logistics and arrangements for accommodation. The accommodation cost can be added to the same invoice as the course fee and comfort package. Payment made via bank transfer.

Cultural activities and Excursion possibilities in the Vänersborg area as well as in Gothenburg.

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